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Nothing In Our Life Is Constant - Have Faith

Dear Friends of OLG,

We all come across difficult times in our lives and we all have different ways of dealing with them. A situation might be the same for all of us, however, our reactions to the situation, can never be the same. What might be challenging for me might be very easy for you.

I want to tell you that soon things will change. Nothing in our life is constant. If you are having hard times now, you will surely experience happy times soon. The most important thing that can help you stay strong during challenging times, is your faith. Have faith in yourself and have faith in God and things will change for sure.

I know it is very easy to give lectures, but it is very difficult to follow.  I also know that you have an amazing faith. I am sure there have been many times in the past, you have worked hard and changed the course of time. Things changed for good because you did not surrender yourself to the situations, you placed it all in the hands of the Lord and trusted in Him.

I don’t want you to lose your heart and patience. Stay close to God and know that I pray for you each and every day.  I offer Mass for your intentions. You are in my heart.

I have faith in you that you will do amazingly well.

With love,

Fr. Peter